Cyclist of the Month: LB Kregenow

Age: 43
Occupation: federal lawyer, Western Washington District Court
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
Degree: B.A. Dartmouth. J.D., University of Pennsylvania
Commute: 7 miles from Greenlake to downtown Seattle (5 days per week)
Wheels: Bianchi Eros, Bianchi Vigorelli

“Cycling is a much broader activity than I ever realized. It has everything I love about team sports and more.” That’s why LB Kregenow prefers crits over time trials—“Riding with people around me is more fun. Cycling can be a solo sport, but there are sub-communities, like cyclocross, within cycling that can always be discovered—and you can always take advantage of the community’s pack-mentality.”

In 2006, LB attended her first Bike To Work Breakfast, where she purchased a Cascade Bicycle Club membership to support the Club’s bike advocacy and education efforts. Her pet peeve: drivers who don’t use their turn signals.

LB describes her commute as the “perfect distance.” Her seven-mile bike ride takes only four minutes longer than riding the Metro 64 or 66, and it is great base training for the road racing season, which starts in mid-March.

“The enjoyment of cycling cannot be replicated on a trainer. I don’t get to read the newspaper as much, but cycling is healthier and more fulfilling.”

In the winter of 2005, LB started racing with Team Group Health. She started bike commuting to improve her strength and stamina. LB’s favorite event is the criterium [the most common type of bicycle race in the U.S.]. This season she’s taking a hill climbing clinic from Cycle University so that she can conquer more hill races.

Now that her sons are 16 and 11, LB enjoys racing more with her husband David, who also bike commutes regularly. Now, they often travel and race together. They particularly enjoy the Ballard Criterium, Derby Days Criterium, Methow Stage and Tour of Walla Walla Stage races.

LB also joined Team Group Health to fundraise for the ‘end-of-season’ MS150 event; last year, 50 Team members raised over $39,000 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Team members also support Group Health at community events–volunteering at Bike Expo and doing helmet fittings for kids.

With 80 members, Team Group Health is one of the largest all-women’s competitive cycling teams in the Northwest. The Team’s goal is to support women racers by emphasizing development of new riders. Riders are mostly Cat 4 and Cat 3, but the team does boast one pro rider. Each fall, new riders can apply to the team at Meet The Teams event.

Compared to Philadelphia, Seattle offers many more riding opportunities. After three years, LB still finds new short and long rides. In fact, she thanks road construction for pushing her to explore new areas.

Next year, the Kregenows plan to explore some ‘small’ hills of the Giro d’Italia.

Visit for more information about the fall Meet The Teams event.

Scott Marlow was marketing director for Cascade Bicycle Club from 2001-2005. The Club record-holder for the shortest commute (under six seconds), Marlow works from his home office in West Seattle.

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