Cyclist of the Month: Saul Kinderis, Man of Many Miles

The CBC Rides Committee officially formed circa 1999. A decade earlier, Saul Kinderis was already leading Club rides published in the Courier. Today, Saul, who still remembers his memorial naked cycling event, continues to pedal strongly – logging up to 10,000 miles annually by foot, boat and bike.

Age: 45
Occupation: Quality Assurance Manager, Pratt & Whitney
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Commute Distance: 40+ miles round trip to Bellevue
How long have you been leading rides for Cascade?
I started leading the Tuesdays and Thursdays [Group Health] STP training series about 15 years ago. The winter series sees only about four people because many cyclists don’t like riding in inclement weather and darkness. My summer series attracts up to 30 riders. The pace varies each year, depending on my fitness level. I also volunteer at the bike expo.

Can you tell us anything unique or memorable about CBC’s history?
I remember a ride I used to lead called Hopping Through The Hot Springs (this was pre-Rides Committee). The first ride, there were maybe five or six women and eight or nine guys. The women left their riding clothes on a tree while they jumped into the spring. The next ride, the same women showed up, with 25 or 30 guys! I guess I know the secret to getting more guys to ride: nice scenery.

What are some of your favorite rides?
My favorites are RSVP, Chilly Hilly, and RAMROD. I do STP, but only to be with my friends. I also really enjoy Hostelling International’s AYH Christmas Ride in San Diego. Only 100 riders are allowed, but you can see some famous sports celebrities. It’s a who’s who of cycling.

Tell us about your commute.
I used to bike commute about 250 times per year. My commute was 10-12 miles round trip until my office moved to Factoria last year. Since last March, I’ve been commuting to work from Kenmore. It’s 40 miles round-trip, if I commute around the east-side of Lake Washington, 55 minutes to just over an hour in the morning. I usually return home around the west side, which adds another 15 miles to the trip. It’s prettier and more relaxed because there’s less traffic, more trail, and I don’t have a deadline to get home.

There are about 40 employees at the new location. Two other co-workers ride in. The local office is supportive; bike racks and showers are available.

What are some other destinations that you’ve enjoyed?
For multi-day trips, I like the San Juan Islands. For cycling, you cannot beat western Oregon – the rural areas between the Pacific and Bend. The Gulf Islands is probably my favorite destination for kayaking.

Kayaking could have ended your cycling, as well as your life?
Yeah. I started canoeing when I was younger. In the late 1980s, I took a multi-day sea kayaking trip with a friend to the San Juans. It was winter and a severe storm moved in. Our pleasure trip became a survivor’s tale and a lesson in provisional and emergency planning.

So you add up some miles when you are not working?
I average between 6,000 and 12,000 miles per year on my bikes. I’ve got two Bike Fridays, a Specialized something or other, a custom Habanero, and a Cannondale mountain bike converted with road-style drop handlebars and slicks for all-around riding.

Since the 1980s, I’ve also been a board member of Club Northwest. The Club promotes running in general, with a particular focus on Olympic development (similar to CAT1 or Pro racing in cycling). There are about 500 – 600 members.

What type of biking do you enjoy?
I really like multi-day tours. I usually go on one one-week trip per year. Plus, I post a few 3-5 day tours on the Buddy Board. When touring, I like to ride on and off-road.

What are your general thoughts about club riding and Cascade?
You can meet lots of riding buddies through the Club. Cascade does a good job representing the voice of cyclists for road projects. Its plate is full because its focus is so large. In the forums, you can find some self-segregation. I’d like to see CBC remain relevant to all cyclists, to be inclusive and help [us] find common ground.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can join Saul at Tracy Owen Station/Logboom Park in Kenmore for his weekly STP Training Series (rain or shine).

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