Bank of America(n Drivers)

I generally don’t expect much customer service from banks. I should expect much less from Bank of America.

My former landlord just sent me a rental deposit refund drawn on his bank, Bank of America. Because the check was made out to me and my girlfriend, who don’t own a joint account, I visited the local West Seattle BOA branch on Alaska to cash the check.

I was informed there would be a $6 “convenience charge” for me to cash the check. That’s not very convenient; that’s outrageous.

Two employees intervened that this fee is typical. Well, it is NOT typical. I called my financial institution, Verity Credit Union, which confirmed that, indeed, they would cash any check drawn from Verity for a non-Verity customer…for NO FEE!

Of course, I was already in a bad mood since the morning-shift teller turned me away at the drive-thru because I was riding a bicycle (the drive-thru opens one hour earlier than the branch, but apparently is open only to car-driving BOA customers). Sorry bicyclists and pedestrians.

Bank of America drives away customers while serving drivers only.