Weebly to WordPress Website Redesign

SPiN Cafe screenshot

A redesigned website for SPiN Cafe, an Oak Harbor nonprofit serving people in need.

Our team collaborated with board members and the recently appointed executive director to build a new WordPress site that better reflects the organization’s brand identity, with clear messaging and simple calls-to-action. Page and Post content was migrated from the original Weebly site and reformatted into semantic, search engine-friendly HTML.

Our heartiest thanks to you and your team for designing our new web site. All of the SPiN board members are well-pleased with the design and choice of visuals and graphics, as well as the ease of navigating the site.
Mark Stroud, president
SPiN Cafe

Scope of Work

brand discovery
project management
content migration
creative strategy
art direction
color palette development
front-end web development
performance optimization
security hardening
search engine optimization
visual design
WordPress training and consulting

Performance Analysis

Page load speed on the new WordPress site is significantly improved from the original Weebly site by reducing overall page size 64% and web server requests 66%.

Google Lighthouse benchmarks
Mobile Speed: 80/100
Desktop Speed: 92/100
Accessibility: 98/100
Best Practices:  93/100
Search Engine Optimization: 93/100

WebPageTest Speed Index: 2.675 (median = 3.519; top 10% = 1.388)

Total Page File Size: 675 Kb (In 2020, the average page size was ~2.4 Mb; the median size was ~2.1 Mb)
Total Web Server Requests: 30 (8 scripts + 8 images + 7 CSS + 1 HTML + 3 Fonts + 1 Other)


Logo Design by: Theresa Dilley
Content Strategy by: Liz Gillespie
Branding and Visual Design by: Elise Cope
WordPress Theme Development byScott Marlow

Designing Seattle Websites Since 2005

Eagle Eye Painting screenshot

A rebuilt WordPress site for Eagle Eye Painting, a family-owned Seattle residential painting company.

This project involved cloning a commercial (paid) Theme Forest Theme (Salient) into a WordPress-approved open source Theme. Project goals were to improve performance, security, and content management. Plugins were consolidated and limited to simplify site management and improve page load speed. PHP 5.6 (deprecated in  December 2018) was upgraded to version 7.3 on the existing web host. By reducing overall page size 35% and web server requests 59% – page load speed improved 3 fold.

Salient’s  heavyweight Visual Composer editor was replaced by WordPress’ native Gutenberg Block Editor, customized and color-coordinated around the company’s existing brand identity. The painters can now more intuitively edit content and duplicate Portfolio template layouts to showcase new painting jobs.

Scott is the best! I highly recommend him. The “responsive” in his business name is no joke – he is lightning fast and not only knows his stuff but communicates clearly and patiently to boot. If you’re looking to replace frustration with competence and clarity, look no further than Marlow-Five-0.
Dianna Elam, office manager
Eagle Eye Painting, LLC

Scope of Work

Mobile Responsive Theming
Performance Optimization
Security Hardening
WordPress Training and Consulting

Google Lighthouse benchmarks
Mobile Page Load Speed: 84/100
Desktop Page Load Speed: 97/100
Accessibility: 100/100
Best Practices: 100/100
SEO: 93/100

WordPress Theming by: Scott Marlow

5 Things I’m Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Chunk, Drunk, Hunk, or Monk?

These should be the next 4 pandemic-inspired characters for Unmatched!

Board Games

Lockdown has increased my appetite for gaming. We’ve enjoyed a wide variety of both competitive and cooperative games. 5 of our favorites, particularly for 2 players, include:

  1. Clank!
  2. Onitama
  3. Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu
  4. Unmatched
  5. Wingspan

My favorite sites for learning about games, besides Board Game Geek (, include Tom Vasel’s reviews on Dice Tower, Shut Up & Sit Down, and Rodney Smith’s Watch It Played YouTube Channel. But my all-time board game review remains BardicBroadcasts’ hilarious overview of the original Hero Quest:


Cooking has been a great, healthy way to pass the time. Instead of scrolling thru online recipe sites with 1,500 key phrases, to limit my screen time I research recipes from my bookshelf. Cook’s Illustrated publications are by far my favorite.

For the first time, I also started exploring varieties of bourbon whiskeys. My favorite bourbons so far include: Bib & Tucker, Old Forester and Woodford Reserve.

Friends & Family

Slack, Steam and Zoom are no substitute for quality in-person gatherings. I’m grateful for a quality digital voice line that still lets me communicate with my tribe, whose diversity continues to expand my perspective during hyper-partisan times.

Music & Media

Last year, I replaced my traditional Sony receiver with a SONOS Amp. Paired with 2 Tannoy towers and 5 SONOS satellite speakers, I love the ability to control sound levels room by room. Pandora and Spotify have been wonderful for discovering plenty of new artists. Blues, country and soul have been the best genres to uplift my spirits.

Favorite new series to stream include: Lovecraft Country, Space Force, The Mandalorian, The Queen’s Gambit, and Watchmen.


Solitude during lockdown has made me greatly appreciate silence, particularly in over-crowded Seattle. The peacefulness makes it much nicer to enjoy time in our yard and walking around our neighborhood.

Happy Thanksgiving!

DentistLink – Powered by WordPress

DentistLink screenshot

A redesigned website for DentistLink, a free non-profit referral service connecting Washington residents to dental care. DentistLink is supported by Arcora Foundation, the foundation of Delta Dental of Washington.

Page load speed was improved thru a 64% reduction in overall page size, a 21% reduction in web server requests, and a new WPEngine hosting platform. The new Theme integrates the WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor for more advanced layout and styling options. A Google Translate feature makes the site more accessible to under-served populations.

Scope of Work

  • Mobile responsive theming
  • Performance optimization
  • Security hardening

Google Lighthouse benchmarks
Accessibility: 100/100
Best Practices: 73/100
Performance: 92/100
Search Engine Optimization: 100/100

Visual Design by: David Owen Hastings
WordPress Theme Development by: Scott Marlow