5 Ways to Ask for Pro Bono Website Support

Are you a budget-strapped nonprofit organization? Has COVID-19 reduced your operating income? No matter. Nonprofits always need support for their causes.

Here are some tips to getting pro bono marketing services from website designers and developers – as well as other service providers.

  1. Connection
    Identify a service provider who has a strong affinity for you, your services, and/or your community. The stronger the connection, the more likely they are to help. For example, homelessness in our region is an important issue to me, so I try to provide pro bono services and consulting when I’m available.
  2. Goals
    Clearly define the volunteer role. This may include an overview of the situation, organizational challenges, scope of work, measurable goals, and realistic deadlines. Tasks should be flexible enough to allow the volunteer to shape the role to their specific skills and interests. Allow the volunteer to propose solutions to problems. As they say, you get what you pay for – so be prepared to change your plans.
  3. Respect
    Choose an appropriate time or season to ask for help. Be respectful of the service provider’s other projects and work deadlines. Send your request in writing. This gives the volunteer sufficient time to plan and prepare for your project. If you later choose to move in a different direction, or find someone else to work on the project – be sure to extend gratitude for the volunteer’s time.
  4. Authority
    Give the web volunteer the appropriate authority to complete the tasks. This may include login credentials to your domain registrar, domain web host, Google account, and other third-party tools related to your website. Do not micro-manage their duties. Allow the project goals to define success.
  5. Recognition
    Recognize and thank the volunteer for their contributions. This could be a shout-out in your newsletter or at an organizational event. I once met an experienced photographer who donated hundreds of hours to a small nonprofit who forgot to recognize her efforts during a high profile ceremony featuring her images. She no longer volunteers for the organization. You would be amazed what some volunteers will do for a simple t-shirt. Ask Carole Baskin.