Change of Address

Worldwide Corporate HQ for Marketing By Marlow has relocated from Ballard, Washington to West Seattle

Officially known as “Fairmount Springs,” our new neighborhood is known more by its proximity to Morgan Junction, and perhaps Beveridge Place Pub, our new favorite drinking establishment.

According to 2000 U.S. Census data:

  • Median age of our neighbors is 40
  • Average household size is 2
  • Median household income is $49,338
  • 82% of our neighbors live in homes without children
  • 50.5% are married; 27.9% are single; 14.9% are divorced; and 6.7% are widowed
  • 60% of residents own their homes, while 35% rent (5% are unoccupied)
  • 80% of the workforce is white collar; 20% is blue collar

We’d like to thank our real estate attorney, Scott Scher, and professional appraiser, Dave Watkins, who assisted us in representing ourselves as buyers. We chose NOT to finance through Countrywide – opting instead for our local nonprofit financial institution, Verity Credit Union.

You can reach us at the same land line, provided conveniently by Comcast.

One thought on “Change of Address

  1. Jim says:

    Congratulations on the new house and relocation of the Intergalactic Corporate HQ. 🙂

    (CountryWide had an office on our floor. The guy was notorious for being on his bluetooth headset while using the men’s room. “Can you hear me now?!”)

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