DQ: Sweet Treats, Sour Brand Image

Casual Fridays Gone Bad

Marketing is more than branding your image. Take my recent visit to the Cle Elum Dairy Queen. The Heath Bar Blizzard and cherry sundae sure tasted sweet, but our experience was sour…

Good food, good service and good value are what most customers expect from any restaurant. You expect the traditional DQ menu of Cool Treat Deals, DQ Baskets, and Blizzards. You don’t expect the Plus It: Add Plumber’s Buttcrack to every order for no extra charge!

Employees’ slovenly attire impacts how customers recall Dairy Queen’s brand image. Gone are the strawberry red lips, the DQ moniker. What’s left is a memory of unprofessionalism. DQ’s tolerance for indecent dress not only tarnishes its brand image, but it offends customers who still believe belts keep your pants up, not down.

Up and down doesn’t matter when you’re mountain biking and climbing around Leavenworth and Cashmere. It’s all fun.

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