StopDaddy: GoDaddy Alternative

Register domain names at my Registry Rocket account (a service of eNom, based locally in Bellevue, Washington).

GoDaddy’s navigation and site usability is a nightmare. And I grow tired of the constant ‘would-you-like-fries-with-that’ sales approach. Plus, I’m not a big fan of politically conservative corporations.

In 2009, the Go Daddy Group spent $538,000 on lobbying. In 2008, the Group contributed $37,200 to the Republican Party (vs. $250 to the Democratic Party). Source:

While I’m all for individuals making their own political choices, I do not like paying vendors to use my money to further corporate politics.

I’ll keep looking for a truly neutral domain registrar (where’s the Working Assets progressive registrar that donates to nonprofits?).

Consider purchasing/renewing domains for at least two years to help with search engine optimization.

The Digital Eve listserv recently compiled some other recommended domain registrars – including:  Dotster and Hover.

One thought on “StopDaddy: GoDaddy Alternative

  1. Rhenda says:

    Hi Scott,
    Go Daddy has good prices but the feminist in me can’t give them money given their size Triple-D Super Bowl ads. I just signed on with dotster, recommended by another graphic designer. I’ll tell you how it works out.

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