5 Ways to Share Login Passwords More Securely

  1. Password Pusher
    Limited to sharing passwords only
  2. QuickForget
  3. Text
    Note: Apple uses end-to-end encryption to protect iMessages on iPhones. However, Android users must configure a third-party encryption tool, such as Signal, to secure text messages from prying eyes.
  4. Phone Call
    Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?
  5. In Person
    Sounds even crazier, right?!

And remember, secure passwords should:

  1. Be at least 14 characters
  2. Include alpha, numeric and special characters
  3. Include upper and lower case letters
  4. Not include any real words
  5. Be unique – i.e. not used anywhere else

Secure Your WordPress Site in 5 Steps

  1. Use a unique username and strong password
    Never use “admin” as your Administrator username
  2. Keep your WordPress software and Plugins updated
  3. Use a reliable web host, like WPEngine
  4. Install and configure Sucuri Security, with its optional (paid) firewall
  5. Use a Theme that adheres to WordPress coding standards

The most common ways WordPress sites are hacked:

    1. Using outdated Plugins, Themes and WordPress software
    2. Poor web host security
    3. Poor Theme selection
    4. Insecure Plugins
    5. Weak User passwords

Still concerned about site security? Contact me for a Site Audit to identify issues and opportunities for your WordPress site.