Top 5 Screen Resolutions in the U.S. in 2018

According to to StatCounter, which tracks statistics on over 2 million websites globally, the most popular desktop screen resolutions in the U.S. in 2018 were as follows.

Desktop Screen Resolution Percentage Market Share
1920×1080 19.45%
1366×768 16.51%
1440×900 8.83%
1536×864 6.13%
1600×900 5.14%

Now, you’ll notice the shares above do not equal 100%. Well that’s because mobile phone use continues to increase…

Desktop Vs Mobile Vs Tablet Percentage Market Share
Desktop 52.27%
Mobile 39.86%
Tablet 7.87%

Of course, all of these numbers vary widely by demographic. For example, a retail restaurant will typically serve more mobile visitors than a heavy e-commerce site. Last year, I conducted a Site Audit for a data-driven website for scientists where 98% of visitors used desktop computers to access the information. Obviously, their Return On Investment for a mobile-responsive site upgrade would be minimal.