performance optimization

Websites Delivered Faster

Is your site taking too long to load? Does it take you forever to update content? Do you know Google weighs the total file size of your web pages and includes that information in its ranking algorithm?

The average web page size in 2015 was 1.935 Mb – 6.5x Google’s recommended maximum size of 300 Kb.

Last year, 50% of my sites were smaller than Google’s recommended maximum page size of 300 Kb. As a result, my custom web sites load faster than 76% of tested sites, with my fastest CMS sites ranking in the top 10% of tested sites [source: Pingdom].

Website Optimization Services

  • Selecting the best web host
  • Choosing the right theme and plugins for your WordPress site
  • Image optimization
  • Performance Optimization
  • Site caching and Content Delivery Networks

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