5 Places to Find Free WordPress Support

So, you’re thinking of launching your own WordPress website? Or maybe you have an existing WordPress site and you need help. Here are 5 WordPress support resources to help you manage your site:

  1. WordPress.org
    Go straight to the source – find answers from Automattic and other open source contributors.
  2. WordPress.tv
    Are you a visual learner? Browse thousands of videos on beginner to advanced topics.
  3. WordPress Meetups
    Join over .5 million members who belong to 1,459 local Meetups. Find WordPress Meetups in your area.
  4. WordPress For Dummies
    Lisa Sabin-Wilson’s 9th edition, published in January 2021. For WordPress Authors to Administrators, you can read chapters related to CMS topics that interest you.
  5. Friends and Neighbors
    Powering 40% of all websites, you may find helpful resources right around your corner!


If your website is hosted on WordPress.com or you purchased a third-party commercial Theme, some support resources may not apply to you.

And, of course, contact me for customized one-on-one or group WordPress training.