5 Reasons Content Sliders Suck

Sliders suck and should be banned from your website
Yoast SEO

Website content sliders are those trendy often auto-rotating header images that appear on websites almost as frequently as footer copyright notices. Unfortunately, evidence-based studies prove, without a doubt, that slider carousels are not effective.

  1. Sliders Add Pork to Site Performance
    With multiple full-bleed images that can exceed 2,400 pixels wide, sliders can quickly slow down page load speed by 25% or more, particularly on mobile devices.
  2. Sliders Slip Thru Search Engines
    So says Yoast. Many sliders cannot be indexed properly by search engines. Worse, many feature multiple H1 headers, which is a no-no for properly optimized websites.
  3. Sliders Axe Accessibility
    Many sliders are not accessible to visitors using assistive technology devices. Keep in mind that accessibility guidelines require that content not auto-rotate without the visitor taking action.
  4. Sliders Kill Conversions
    Due to behavior like ‘banner blindness’ and other factors – sliders have actually been documented to reduce engagement and site conversions.
  5. Sliders Are Not a Solution for Silos
    Frequently, sliders are implemented as a lazy, ineffective way to appease departmental ‘silos’ who prioritize all content equally.

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