Engineering WordPress Websites for Architects

Washington Window and Door 2017 website redesign

Client: Washington Window and Door

Scope of Work
Front-End web development
Performance optimization
Security hardening
Visual design

Team: van den Berg Design, Scott Marlow

My latest mobile responsive website redesign with Joan van den Berg for a high-end A&E client.

The old website was not optimized for mobile devices. We took this opportunity to modernize the site with custom typography and a new dark theme to highlight the company’s architectural-quality photos in simple image galleries.

Performance Metrics

PerformanceWordPress SiteBenchmark
Google Mobile Speed:88
Google Desktop Speed100
WebPageTest Speed Index1,435median = ~4,493
top 10% = <1,388
YSlow79average score = 70
Web Page Size1.9 MbIn 2017, average page size = ~2.4 Mb
median page size = ~1.9 Mb
Web Server Requests42< 40 – 60 recommended