Ch. de Queue de Ouais de

Chemin de queue de ouais de…or, in English, Shoulda Coulda Woulda.

Form follows function. Associated with architecture, ‘form follows function’ states that the shape of a building or object should be based on its intended purpose.

Around Ottawa, including Quebec, French-speaking pedestrians and bicyclists may find streets more navigable than car drivers. Why? Because the street signs in this area are printed so small that you cannot decipher the text in a vehicle until you are upon the road.

Additionally, in Quebec, where 80% of the population speaks French (the official language), street names are printed en francais seulement, n’est-ce pas. Unfortunately, many maps of the area use English or alternate names for the same streets. So a navigator might encounter a road with three names.

The City and Province shoulda and coulda solved this communication issue by 1) providing bi-lingual street signs and maps, 2) increasing the font size of street signs, and/or 3) placing street signs farther in advance of intersecting streets.

Form follows function.

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