Corporate Beer Still Sucks

Elysian Loser

April 27, 2012. That was the day the site was scheduled to launch. My first “micro-site” for a Fortune 50 company.

Yeah, I was proud to be selected as the developer for this corporate gig. It was to be my first, and turns out last, corporate site – a project to push my limits, as well as showcase my abilities.
Unfortunately, the project manager who recruited me turned out to be an emotionally volatile, micro-manager from Hell – prone to unapologetic flame wars, with unrealistic expectations, changing deadlines, and scope creep you would not believe. So I quickly passed the work along to some peer developers.

It’s mid-summer now. My original launch deadline expired over 120 days ago. The initial budget has blown up. The ‘micro’ site is still a work-in-progress.

There is absolutely nothing efficient about the corporate machine. Divest your interest in big companies now.

Raise a glass to all the local, organic, micro-brewing, micro-finance, mom and pop businesses. And celebrate that Small is beautiful. Small is fast. And Small is better.