The Chip Wagon Capitol of Canada: Ottawa

Scott and Jen send Bon Echo

Chips, crisps, french fries, freedom fries, pomme frites, spuds, patat,…you say potatoe, I say potato. Whatever you call them, fried potatoes are served fresh on almost every Ottawa block.

Is it just coincidence that Canada’s western coast claims Canada’s “Outdoor Recreational Capital” while its midwestern capitol claims the prize for the most chip trucks per capita?

What does all this have to do with marketing? Well, I think it may be a defensive marketing strategy developed by Ottawa citizens to block fast food companies, like McDonald’s, from staking a claim in the capitol city. I mean who needs McD’s when you can buy fresh-cut fries on every city block. Either that, or French-Canadians, embroiled over U.S. congressional representatives trying to rename the food “Freedom Fries,” are bitterly trying to reclaim “French Fries” as a national tradition.

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