Cyclist of the Month: Chuck Perov

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Age: 55
Occupation: employment & immigration specialist, International Rescue Committee
Hometown: High Point, NC
Alma Mater: University of North Carolina
Degree: Slavic Civilization
Commute: 7 miles from Bryant to downtown Seattle
Wheels: Trek 400T

Q: What is Swervin’ n’ Curvin’?

1) How Pioneer Square bar hoppers get home at 2:00 am.
2) How bike racers commute along the Burke-Gilman Trail.
3) An informal wine country ride to raise funds for farm workers.

“High Point was a small town. There was no bus service, and it was only 2-3 miles from my home to most places. So, it was easy to get around by bike.”

So Chuck learned the mechanics of bikes, and began his four-decade affair with sustainable transportation. Chuck started commuting in college to his summer job at a furniture factory in High Point – the “Furniture Capital of the World.” After college, he cycled to work in Washington D.C., where he did not own a car for practical purposes.

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Cyclist of the Month: Thomas Hollowell

Thomas Hollowell

Age: 18
Occupation: student
:  Seattle
:     3-10 miles round trip between Wedgwood and Nathan Hale High School or North Seattle Community College
Razesa cross bike

Thomas Hollowell biked from home to school every day – for four years straight.

An avid hiker and environmental activist, Thomas likes setting goals to make a statement.

At the impressionable age of 14, when many kids stay home playing Xbox, Thomas made a freshman pledge: he would ride to high school every single day (about 180 days per year). Continue reading “Cyclist of the Month: Thomas Hollowell”

Cyclist of the Month: Linda Deller

Linda Deller

Age: 53
: patient service representative, Urology Northwest
: Longview, WA
: B.A. Business, Washington State University
Specialized Ruby Pro

Local cancer survivor finds friends and therapy through bicycling with Cascade Bicycle Club.

Ten years ago, Linda was riding a thirty-pound Novarra cross bike ten miles to Woodinville. She used to wrap her feet in plastic bread bags, and didn’t even carry a water bottle.

Today, Linda is a veteran of some of Washington’s most challenging endurance rides — including RAMROD, RAW, RSVP, and Redmond Rotary’s Red-Spoke. Continue reading “Cyclist of the Month: Linda Deller”

Cyclist of the Month: Blake Trask

Age:                31
Occupation: Associate at Triangle Associates
Hometown:  Vashon Island, WA
Degree:         Int’l Political Economy, Colorado College. Environmental Policy & Planning, University of Washington
Commute:     12 miles round trip from Whittier Heights to downtown Seattle
Wheels: Surly Cross Check

Blake Trask is not a bicyclist. At least he doesn’t identify himself as one. He has ridden one group cycling event, Chilly Hilly — the longest ride of his lifetime. Blake is a self-identified “policy wonk.”

Fortunately, regional cyclists can thank Blake for his love of Seattle. That’s why he became chair of the twelve-member Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board.

“I want my kids to be able to bike to school. I want the Ballard Bridge retrofitted for bikes. I want downtown to have the same dedicated cycle tracks that are in Manhattan…” Continue reading “Cyclist of the Month: Blake Trask”

Cyclist of the Month: Patty Kirkland

Patty Kirkland
Patty Kirkland

Age: 45
: Desktop Support Specialist, F5
: Buffalo, NY
: Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Buffalo
: 12 miles round trip from Fremont to downtown Seattle
Giant Trace X2, Kona Dew Drop, Pacific Reach travel, Rodriguez Stellar and S3

With 12 internal teams, F5 consistently leads the Group Health Commute Challenge. The cheerleader for 200 F5 bike commuters is four-time Team Captain Patty Kirkland.

During Bike Month, F5’s Bagel Fridays are incentive for some employees to commute by bike; and the free F5 cycling jersey issued to Team participants also inspires many new bicycle commuters. But it was the company’s stipend ($1,200 to $3,600 per year) that motivated Patty to leave her car behind. Continue reading “Cyclist of the Month: Patty Kirkland”