Free Trees

Tasmanian trees

Oxygen producer, carbon-dioxide reducer,
Providing protection, shade & shelter.
In autumn, colored leaves fall – products for compost,
Fodder for forts…
Kids climbing to the tops of treehouses.
Spring blossoms foreshadow summer,
Edible fruit produced for free,
Fireplace firewood and syrup from sap,
Roosts for hens and hummingbird homes.

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Unleashed and Unplugged!

screenshot Cheap Wine & Poetry

CSS/XHTML Web Development: Scott Marlow
Graphic Design: Todd Karam

I Want My Cheap Wine and Poetry. Forget MTV. Or, as Brian McGuigan would say, “Fcuk MTV!”

Poets run rampant at Richard Hugo House. Volunteering with Todd Karam and Tiffany James Design, we produced a new website for the nonprofit, from concept to hosting.

Read all about the new website and the upcoming poetry reading at Richard Hugo House on Thursday, November 8 at!

Contact me about nonprofit website design.