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manufacturing website screenshot
manufacturing website

Client: RAM Technologies

Scope of Work:
Branding, Copywriting, Front-end web development, Performance optimization, Security hardening, Visual redesign

Team: Scott Marlow, Christa Gardner, van den Berg Design, Pinpoint Strategic Marketing

The Challenge

RAM Technologies is a second-generation, family-owned and operated business. RAM embraces innovation and improvement, so needed a new mobile responsive website that reflected the company’s identity. Because RAM works transparently with partners, the collaborative website building process was much more effective.

The Solution

Our team completely re-branded and refreshed the RAM website. Starting with a deep-dive collaborative discovery process, Pinpoint arrived at a vibrant new look and feel for the site that provided a better user experience while showcasing the company’s rich custom photography. _Underscores Theme was selected for its flexibility and performance.

  • Overall page size was reduced 80%, within Google’s recommended 500 Kb benchmark for mobile optimization.
  • Web server requests were reduced 26%, well below the 40-60 maximum requests recommended for database-driven sites
Performance After Before
Google Mobile Speed: 77 64
Google Desktop Speed 88 69
Pingdom 90 72
WebPageTest Speed Index 2,355 4,535
YSlow 84 82
Web Page Size 437 Kb 2.2 Mb
Web Server Requests 28 38