Fresh Sites for Fresh Goods

screenshot TWAC

Graphic Design: Allison Rose
Javascript/PHP mods: IvyCat
WordPress Theme Development: Scott Marlow

A fresh website for West Seattle’s Twilight Artist Collective.

Months in the making, the new WordPress site features three custom navigation menus and six custom page templates – including a dynamic gallery of local artist offerings, from accessories and clothing to fine art and jewelry. The new site also integrates a WordPress blog (previously hosted by Blogger). A self-hosted blog is one of the best ways to improve your search engine optimization.

TwAC hearts Scott Marlow!! Working on this website redesign with Scott was a work of art in itself. We are tough customers, stretching the limits of WordPress and our seasoned guide made everything we wanted possible. With his solid knowledge base and teaching skills we are now rulers of our own domain — able to update our site with our constantly moving target of goods and events. Rock n’ Roll Marketing by Marlow! Woot woot!!Cheryl Robinson
Twilight Artist Collective