Building WordPress Websites.

screenshot Imagine Housing

Copywriting: Moore Ink
Graphic Design
: David Owen Hastings
WordPress Website Development: Scott Marlow

Sometimes building websites can also build community. Like building a home, developing a website requires a plan and the right tools. For Imagine Housing’s new website, the right tool was WordPress. Why? Because WordPress is built within the open source community.

Imagine an open source software community with the promise of better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost and an end to predatory vendor lock-in.
Where organizations seeking to manage their own websites can learn the skills they need to communicate online.
Where website visitors don’t have to download Flash or proprietary software to view online content.
Where nonprofits don’t have to spend a fortune on technology.
Just imagine…WordPress.

Working with Scott on the development of our new website was an absolute pleasure. It was a daunting process that we had put off for more than a few years, and his confident and patient approach took away any anxiety we had about the project. The result is a beautiful, well-planned site that we feel very proud of. Truly Scott becomes more than a consultant, he becomes part of your team. Thanks Scott!
Sara Cox
Imagine Housing

Building WordPress websites for nonprofits and small businesses since 2009.