Performance-based WordPress Websites

Bravo Environmental services website

WordPress mobile responsive development: Scott Marlow

This new Bravo Environmental WordPress website is not just mobile responsive. It’s performance-based.

It took all of 36 hours to pay back our investment in the web site upgrade. We are receiving a new contract next week. Thank you, Scott.
Al Schumacher, owner
Bravo Environmental


The total page file size is only 407 kb; and with fewer than 20 web server requests – the site loads fast. Faster than 85% of tested sites on Pingdom. Yahoo YSlow also gives the site high marks: 92/100.

Google recommends a maximum file page size of 300 kb for optimum search indexing performance. Unfortunately, the average web page file size in 2013 is closer to 2 Mb. Sites that don’t adhere to best practices perform sluggish, particularly on mobile devices – and site conversions suffer as a result.