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Bike Works retail website

Seattle GiveCamp Project: Static HTML to WordPress CMS website conversion
Team: Scott Marlow, Andrea Salkey, Stephanie Datu, Don Lawson, and Naomi Musgrave

GiveCamp was an amazing opportunity for Bike Works to get a new website. In 72 hours over an October weekend on the Microsoft Campus, GiveCamp volunteers cranked out code and design – and we walked away on Sunday with a new website. We are thrilled with the functionality, usability, look and feel of our new site

Thanks to Scott Marlow and all the volunteers for helping us to better communicate our mission to the public. Scott has been a wealth of knowledge and has continued to help us during the launch phase of our website post GiveCamp. Thanks to all the volunteers for the great wisdom, work and support of Bike Works!
Deb Salls
Executive Director

Before GiveCamp

The website was built in 2009. There are many ways in which the site was outdated. Mostly it was hard for staff and volunteers to make changes or update it.

  • the navigation bar was developed with images, instead of text, so the main navigation could not be changed
  • content was sprawling and unfocused
  • the colors made it hard to see text
  • social media was not integrated

After GiveCamp

  • Migrating the website to WordPress allows internal content management and helps eliminate the need for an external developer
  • An integrated blog allows Bike Works to share happenings with supporters
  • The new site is mobile and tablet-optimized, as well as search engine-friendly
  • Google Analytics provides useful site metrics and visitor statistics

Bike Works is an innovative nonprofit organization centered around bicycles that combines youth development, community engagement, bicycle recycling and a social enterprise bike shop to help build a sustainable and healthy community.