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Pinpoint Strategic Communications marketing firm screenshot
: Pinpoint Strategic Communications

Scope of Work
Content management
Front-End web development
Performance optimization
Security hardening
Search engine optimization
Visual design

Team: Pinpoint Strategic Communications, Scott Marlow

My latest website collaboration with Tami Vileta of Pinpoint Strategic Communications – a Seattle-based marketing agency specializing in brand development, loyalty marketing, event promotion, email marketing, collateral development, and integrated campaigns.

The new marketing firm website features icon fonts, image galleries, online forms, responsive grid layouts, social media & sharing integration, and SSL protection.

Performance Metrics

PerformanceWordPress SiteBenchmark
Google Mobile Speed:71
Google Desktop Speed85
Pingdom91faster than 87% of tested sites
WebPageTest Speed Index1,350median = ~4,493
top 10% = <1,388
Web Page Size1.1 MbIn 2017, average page size = ~2.4 Mb
median page size = ~1.9 Mb
Web Server Requests53< 40 – 60 recommended

Not only is Scott an absolute expert in responsive web development, he’s willing to think out of the box to bring ideas to life, he does diligent research and utilizes resources if he’s presented with challenges and problem solves, he’s incredibly flexible, accommodating, and personable to work with, and he handles pressure-cooker deadlines with grace and calm. I would ever so highly recommend developing your site with such a partner and would do so again in a heartbeat. Thank you!
Tamara Vileta, owner, Pinpoint Strategic Communications